About me-my philosophy.

Hi, I'm Lester. I'm facinated with projects that work outside the scope of money. We live in a world in which money today is essential, we need it to buy everything from the clothes on our back , to the food we put on the table.

Everyday we are bombarded with adverts that encourage us to buy 'this' to make us healthier or wealthier, or buy 'that' to make us look younger or more attractive, or just 'click' on this link for your chance to win more money to able you to buy more of the stuff you know that doesn't really work and you really don't need.

It seems every man and his dog is out to sell you something in order to et their hands on the money you have traded your life hours to earn.

But there was a time in your life where money didn't matter, where you were free from all the preassures that money brings with it, and that time was childhood.

When we were children we played to our hearts content and never worried about the worth of things. We used our imaginations to turn sticks into boats, and carrier bags into kites. If we wanted each others toys we simply swapped them regardless of value.

One day I got fed up with all the 'click and like' posts on Facebook, so I decided to start a competition of my own-and the prize....a jar of fat!

This website documents my adventures from the initial jar of fat, that sparked the idea of a larger project using another jar of fat to swap as many different items and to make as many different friends as possible and to bring people together all outside the scope of money.