Numerous offers came in for Hair Brick 1 on the Facebook page, all fun, all crazy and 'left field' (exactly how I had hoped). The stand out offer came in from Dafyn Jones who said he would give me a working vending machine for the very first brick-I liked the juxtaposition that a hair brick made from no money at all could be swapped for a machine designed to trade goods for money. I checked with Dafyn if the vending machine could be set for 'free vend', he confirmed it could-so without further adoo the deal was done- he even threw in two chairs to seal the deal!

I waited a couple of weeks before offering hair brick 2 to the public. Again I had numerous offers but the one that caught my eye was the offer of two old clocks and two old cameras from Jackie Lloyd. I have a passion for both cameras and clocks, and I thought I could use these somehow further down the line in the project.

I now own a car full of car boot items! Bidding on hair brick 3 was fast and furious, and the winning bid played to my sense of hoarding-I'm a famous hoarder-I collect things, all kinds of stuff that other people don't want, I'll find use for. So when Jonathan Preston offered me a car full of musty smelling car boot items how could I refuse? (he also threw in a huge bin bag of hamster poo-which was a deal clencher)!

The first aid kit from 1959. As with previous bricks random offers came in from different people of all works of life. The stand out offer for Hair Brick 4 was a lovely old first aid kit with contents dating back to 1959. The bandages plasters and ointments were complete, the only modification to the box was the flourescent sticker on the front and a few modern swabs, lints, and slings.

Chickens in chicken coop! Geraint Jones owns a smallholding in the heart of stunning Pen Llyn, he keeps geese, chickens, and all kinds of fanciful poultry. When he offered the use of one of his chicken coops for a year in exchage for Hair Brick 5 all other bids were null and void. The deal had catapuled me from being a man with no garden and two house cats, to a chicken farmer overnight.

A pool pump, part of the package swapped for Hair Brick 6! The lovely Helen Whitney had bid on all five previous bricks but unfortunately missed out every time, so when she bid on the sixth with an offer of swimming pool pump, a fizzy drinks maker, and a satelite receiver box-I couldn't turn her down! Helen was over the moon, I was also made up that she had a brick, the trade was a very emotional moment for the pair of us. We reflected how the project went over a coffee round her house, from a jar of fat I'd completed six outdoor brickmaking performances, gone on a short tour with the finished bricks, made loads of new friends and done some exciting trades. I was now a chicken farmer, and I could vend my eggs if I wanted in my new vending machine, I could also patch myself up with my first aid kit incase any of the chickens turned on me. Helen mentioned that my project was similar to 'the guy that had traded a paperclip'- I made a mental note to check his project out.....then forgot all about it for months.

All the bricks had now gone! So the bricks had gone, and I was left with a load of stuff I wanted to keep (for future projects), and I was also left with a load of stuff I had no use for-so without hesitation I made another Facebook page