Time to tend to the chickens! Geraint had been keeping chickens for many years, he was very knowlegable in the ways of the chicken- and I was very keen to learn! Part of the deal for hair brick 5 was the use of a small chicken coop with a couple of chickens, so I could have enough eggs for myself and family to tick over with. But as serenidity took over again, I saw an advert (on Facebook-the font of all crazy deals) from a lady was offering over 100 chickens free. The chicken lady kept a commercial egg business, once her chickens were at a certain age they were uneconomical for her to keep and sent them to slaughter. and bred some more to replace them. I spoke to Geraint and asked if we could rehome some of these little feathery laying machines, and he gave me the green light. So I took my little Ford Focus up the side of steep mountainside in Wales and filled two plastic chicken pens with twenty finest Welsh free-range chickens! I was chuckling all the way down to Geraints farm, feathers flew all round th Focus and a mufffled clucking noise came from the back with every bump in the road. Once safely at Geraints place, he had made room in two larger pens and we let the chickens roam. Over the next few dys I really got into the role of 'chicken farmer', I even bought wellies and everything. I ws a regular face at the farmers wholsalers buying chicken feed, and I really enjoyed the peace and quiet of spending time amongst the chickens after a hard days work, the open countryside and peace and quiet was very theraputic. Once they had settled in their new home, they began to lay, and here is where the real fun began! I had decided that in the spirit of the project, that every egg that the chickens produced would be given away to anyone who wanted a pack, I wanted nothing in way of payment, but a photo of what they did with the eggs!


Out of the blue I get a call one evening from Geraint, it turns out a fox had entered the larger chicken coop we had keps the majority of chickens in, and killed pretty much all of them. Where most people would be quite angry at the fox, I was more philosophical. We'd given 20 chickens that were due to be slaughtered a loving home for a few months, in turn they had rewarded us with eggs that had provided breakfasts, dinners, and lunches for countless people, not to mention all the lovely cakes that were made.I was upset, but I was proud at what we had achieved, and the whole keeping chickens and giving away eggs experience I had enjoyed directly through this project, made me realise that I should keep more chickens at a later date.