Joseph Beuys (1964-85) 'Fat Chair'.

Joseph Beuys-an inspirational artist!

Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) was a German artist, performance artist, sculptor, and academic, who created unconventional art and performances out of unconventional materials. Throughout his career he made art out of metal, wax, animal hair, and fat, to name but a few. The more I researched into Beuys, the more I warmed to the guy, he famously said "everyone is an artist", which justified and explained away everything crazy that I was doing. I had never thought of myself as an artist before, I thought I was a guy who just mucked about a lot and made people laugh, but if Joseph Beuys, a recognised artist who has art up at the Tate Modern in London (which look like scrap bits of metal) thinks "everyone is an artist", then who am I to argue with him? Having read up about his famous 'Fat Chair' fuelled my creative juices, and in between collecting eggs and swapping car boot items I set about making my own bit of Beuys inspired art. 'Two Hairy Chairs'. Two Hairy Chairs Conjouring the spirit of Beuys, I dug out the two chairs Dafyn gave me a few months previously, I still had half a bag of human hair left from Luke-so I set about making my own sculptures. Over the next few days with glue, hair, and buckets of enthusiasm, I made two of the hairiest chairs I (or the world) had ever seen. Every inch was covered in hair of all colours, I stood back and admired my creations. I took my 'Two Hairy Chairs' (technically one is a stool- but we'll gloss over that point), outside to photograph. I was met with looks of amazement and sheer disgust as people either came to see what they were or crossed the street, when I was asked, I quoted the famous Beuys line "everyone is an artist" and pointed at the hairy chairs with opened jazz hands with wide grinning smile-Im not 100% sure everyone saw it from my point of view.

'Two Hairy Chairs' Lester Hughes (1970-)

Looking for a gallery to exhibit the chairs!

Having made the 'hairy chairs', I am now looking for a gallery to exhibit them, if only for a day! So if you work at an art gallery or exhibition space, and would be willing to exhibit these two lovely hairy chairs-please get in touch.