I managed to get the jar of fat back!

So, I had swapped hair brick 3 with Jonathan Preston for a whole load of car-boot items, and a bag of hamster droppings! I used the hamster droppings to fertilize some seeds late at night as I wet around North Wales Urban Gardening! Various small swaps occurred for the car boot items, including some cameras from Sian Whitney, and a wooden lounger from Chris Rees. I


had swapped hair brick 6 with Helen for a pool pump, a sky box and a soda stream, I traded the sky box with Arwel for a Muhammad Ali book and hand drawn picture, and I went back to Luke the barber, and swapped the Muhammad Ali book for the original jar of fat back!! So in effect, the project had come full circle, I had started with a single jar of far 12 months previously, traded it several times, been on numerous adventures, had gained many new friends, Id become a chicken farmer, and Urban gardener, Id become a performance artist, a sculptor, Id toured Wales with the jar of fat, I still had the a vending machine, a motorbike frame (stuck in France), and various small items that I was going to use further into the project……and I had the original jar of fat back.


The unit of ‘currency’ I used to start the project off (the jar of fat) was back in my hands, and I had numerous other items in my possession, which proved to me that you can do practically anything without money…..I now had to push the boundaries further!