The Amulet s trader for a van!

The tin had been smelted down, and I was left with a handful of weirdly shaped pieces.


I decided to make something out of the pieces and I took the triangular shaped piece, filed it shaped it and drilled a hole in the top-I then laced it with a leather band and it became an amulet!


The amulet was stunning, and I was extremely proud of it, I put a post on Facebook about it and that I would swap it for something spectacular. Dafyn Jones (who swapped hair brick 1 for the vending machine), had a red van he called Oktober (after the film red Oktober), it was poorly and in need of TLC- he offered me the poorly van for the amulet!


Needless to say we did the deal, in 18 months I had gone from a jar of fat to a van (that needed attention) all through swapping, making friends, and not a penny was exchanged.

The deal was done; with the help of my mate Gonk and a man I only know as 'the soldier' we drove the van over my mate Gonk's yard for inspection.


With all my swaps I had used Facebook as the public medium for doing the deals, and as such I had gained a following.


The media got to hear about the ‘jar of fat to a van’ story and I did several news-paper and radio interviews. My mate Gonk checked over the van, he had bad news, even though it went, sadly it would take huge sums of money to get it roadworthy.


As my project wasn’t about money, especially huge sums of money I had to think outside the box!