‘Gonk’ is my oldest friend, I’ve known him for over 40 years and he is as honest as the day is long. So when Gonk tells you your van is scrap, your van is scrap!


Luckily Gonk deals is cars on a part time basis, so he gets a lot of vehicles through his yard, so I suggested a swap, the van for something he had-which surprisingly wasn’t a problem…..the main problem as it turned out, was Gonk was very camera shy, I haven’t seen a single photo of him in years and he point blank refused to have his photo taken, which was one of the rules of the project.


So I had to do the swap with his partner Myfanwy Morris! The Red Mondeo was now mine, and I set about doing the little jobs on it in needed to get it through its MOT. Now I know my project is all about circumnavigating money, but I had a moral dilemma, on the one hand I wasn’t allowed to spend money on the project, but on the other hand I didn’t want to offer a car for swap without it being roadworthy-I’m an honest man and I needed to be able to sleep sounds at night.


So as an MOT is a legal requirement for a car in the UK, I decided I would put an MOT on the car, so within three weeks of me swapping the van for the car, the red Mondeo was ready (after a lot of blood sweat and tears on my behalf) and now was now put up for swaps!