Me with Mark Sides!

The car was offered on Facebook in August 2018, what I decided to do differently this time was offer the car for a month instead of a week (to get more people interested and involved), and I advertised it on as many Facebook selling sites as I could.


This turned out to be a stroke of genius as it got the message out further than my local friends. I also got asked to do a local radio interview about the story, which went out one Monday morning.


I got offered loads of interesting swap offers, it was extremely close between a couple of offers but eventually I decided to swap the car with Mark Sides for a nights stay in the Karden Hotel in Llandudno, his and hers hair cuts in Hair 2 Go, Llandudno, afternoon tea in Taylor’s of Llandudno and £20 drinks voucher.


Mark came down from Llandudno, he was a great (and extremely tall) guy! We hit it off, he started the car-handed me the voucher, and drove off into the sunset. Mark had a Mondeo with full 12 month MOT and I had a voucher for an all expenses night out in Llandudno including hair dos!


Karden Hotel

Hair 2 Go