Im just too enthusiactic here I think!...with Nathan Davies.

During the entire month that the car had been on offer, I had some amazing swap offers; people really embraced the craziness of the project.


Every swap that I undertook was based on its quirkiness and not on its monetary value. So something like a car, or a voucher for an all expenses paid night out in Llandudno, could be swapped for anything and not necessarily goods to the perceived cash equivalent.


I had been offered a box of old postcards early on for the car, and in the box of postcards was a photo diary of some off duty soldiers based in Germany in the early 1960s. I chose not to do the swap for this, but a few weeks later as I was about to advertise the voucher, I decided to give Nathan and Ceri Davies an e mail asking if they would like to swap the postcards for my voucher.


They said they would, so a couple of weeks later we finally met up in their back garden and did the deal. Nathan and Ceri are a lovely couple, we chatted for ages and after a cup of tea I took my box of post cards and photo diary back with me.


My plan is to put the box of postcards up for swaps, and to trace a living relative of the photo diary to see if they wanted the diary back (it had been handed to Nathan and Ceri after a relative had bought it at a car boot sale).


The photo diary is fascinating, and I’m hoping to find one relative that’s interested in having this unique piece of family history back.