Thursday 8th Novermber 2018.


With remembrance Sunday coming up, and the thoughts of soldiers past and present in our minds, I thought it was as good as time as any to try and find the soldiers or relatives of, the soliders featured in the travelogue I swapped along with the postcards. The travelogue is a stunning diary about a set of soldiers who were posted in Sennelager near Paderborn Germany in the early 1960s. The diary mentions a Jock Prophet (National Service SGT), John Hopkinson (National Service SGT), Gerry….,Martin…. Norman Park (bmh education sgt), and a Pete Hume, and a Charles O neill.


The album is full of personal photograhs, postcards, badges and hand drawn intricate maps showing the route where they toured (presumably on leave), they visited Amsterdam, Germany, Austria, and France. I’m hoping the right people get the album back, so I’m looking for anyone mentioned in the album, or close relatives, to get in touch, or if you recognise anyone in the photos.


If a relative of mine had made such a beautiful record of their travels, I would certainly like t have it back. So please, study the photographs closely, and lets get the album reunited with someone in the photographs (who would probably be in their 70s today)? If you know who they are please message me, or pass my details along.