Today after a few weeks of negotiations, I have finally traded the vending machine, and I’m just going to say it right here........ THE VENDING MACHINE HAS BEEN SWAPPED FOR A KEFALONIAN CRUISE! Yes, you read that right, the vending machine which I traded for a hair brick all those months ago with Dafyn Jones, was swapped today with a lovely couple from London, Nicos and Elaine Nicolaou who drove up from London this morning to do the deal. Now this is where the swapping community has really come into its own, Geraint Jones (another hair brick owner) Kindly put this amazing couple up in one of his stunning cottages at Rhosydd bach holiday cottages, and we went over to Lavender House where Dafyn gave us coffees and we both almost broke our backs loading this extremely heavy vending machine into the back of nicos and Elaines car! So, the long and the short of it is, today Ive not only swapped a vending machine for a kefalonian cruise, I have also made two new lifelong friends in Nicos and Elaine, who were brimming with excitement and enthusiasm for the project. I now have a voucher in my possession, allowing the barer either a free day or evening cruise aboard the lady O....details at Lady O, for two people. This voucher will be offered up for swap in the next couple of If any of you are planning a trip to kefalonia either this year or the next (voucher is valid until september2020) start thinking about a swap offer now!