I am now the proud owner of a Penny Farthing!

After a hiatus of over a year, on January 2nd, 2021 (some 4 years after I started the project with a single jar of fat), I decided to bundle the little elf man in a jar, the flute with teeth, and the first edition copy of Debra Harrisons book ‘Lottie got Lost’ and swap them with my friend Dyfed Pritchard for his lovely Penny Farthing bicycle.


Dyfed is a fellow eccentric, he also loves crazy off the wall projects and I had seen him ride majestically past me on the penny farthing a few years previously, I had seen him at the local St David’s day parade on it, and I knew he had done a Pwllheli to Aberdaron challenge to raise money for charity.


I contacted him to see if he would be up for a swap, and to my delight he was. I quickly gathered my wares and went down to see him (at a social distance), the very next day. He loved the flute…and to be honest I was glad to part with it as it freaked me out a bit.


So now I am the proud owner of a Penny Farthing, over the next few weeks I plan to tidy it up a little, do my own little challenge before offering it up for another swap.

Dyfed Pritchard with his items.

Dyfed on his Penny Farthing bike.

This is Dyfed practicing on the bike some years back!

The Penny Farthing bike!

As I ride off into the sunset!